Didn’t end up in a psych ward

Thankful for that! I dislike psych wards


I was stupid and threatened to kill myself

I have been in three psych wards. Each was a different level of psychosis. 2 were bad and i thought they were going to kill me. The third i was pretty with it

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I’ve been in 2 different psych wards
It sucked

I honestly like the last one i was in. We had a good group of people. Plus i like eating 3 meals a day and being able to sleep all day with comfy blankets


I kinda want to go back. Its a nice break being around people who struggle. And away from the parents is always nice. What kind of sick fool wants to go back to the psych ward? This kind of sick fellow

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Psych wards suck

I’ve been sectioned 13 times. Best one was when I was super manic. Best time in hospital I ever had, just used to sing and pace all day enjoying the euphoric feelings. I heard a nurse tell anther nurse at handover I was seriously unwell.

great. happy for you