Did your cognitive skills go?

Even in my case, All my achievements were made either during psychosis or after my diagnosis. It’s true. But, now, in my old age, (I’m 61) I feel I am declining. Maybe its not due to sza but old age.

I don’t suffer from sz but if I did I’m late-onset and I think that makes a difference. I’ve recovered most of the cognitive skills I sort of lost 3 years ago, but my change in spiritual outlook plus my complete lack of motivation means I’ll never go back to writing. I was just finishing my master’s when illness struck -I managed eventually to finish the degree top of my class- but I had to give up doing a PhD. I’m just glad I can still read and enjoy books.
PS. I think it was after onset that I reached my highest ratings for chess tactics (around 2520) although admittledly you can’t trust ratings at chess com.


I se many got cogniie symptoms. Guess i wasthinking many had voices, but thinking was still good other than that.

So what are your strategies for getting those skills back?

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I work on it best i can. I think affirmations, grounding techniques, and trying to think more simple, understandable thoughts can help. Mental games, but good ones, not unhelpful ones. Of course changing bad habits and lifestyles can help, if that can be done.

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I’m a mixed bag when it comes to cognition. With marked strengths and weaknesses. That has always been the case . It’s not at all strange for someone on the autistic spectrum.

Cognition wise I don’t see many gains or losses due to years of being on meds, that can’t be equally explained by the ageing process.

I can never be as good in school as I was before sz. I was top of my classes, teachers asked me to participate in math competitions, finished 99% in organic chemistry, finished 98% in calculus, etc

I remember I became dumber during the 2-3 years before my sz diagnosis. I read that cognitive symptoms are the earliest in sz.

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I saw this in my studying, I had to study much more even preparing my university semesters by studying my books in the summer before semester starts. I still couldn’t fully grasp the material. I felt dumb, I would read a page and then after a few minutes I already forgot lots of stuff.

I used to read a page once and highlighting improtant stuff to memorize it 100%. After sz I had to read and rewrite the same page in my own words many times to understand max 60% of it. I still got my kinesiology degree but didn’t have the grades to do a master to specialize in physiotherapy. Not many jobs I can do now with my degree except for teaching which I suck at now after sz anyways.

I don’t know. I was dumb before illness growing up, dumb as hell getting schizophrenia, and stable right now. I have brain fog or brain farts at work.

I felt like I lost 10-40 IQ points. So I test above 120 normally online but probably hovered around 130-140 before. I only was ‘smart’ for 3 years while attempting a ba in math. I dropped out. I had a severe case, but can control my psychosis. My problem is when I open my mouth I sound and am schizophrenic. My hyigene and symptoms fluctuate which shows a mood disorder or mood swings every few months. I get depression and drink monsters to pick me up I guess to get euphoria.

My mom said on my worst days I’m still smarter than her on her best days. She has an AST degree and I have some college. I don’t know. My step-father is very, very intelligent. Could have done a PhD in EE but school didn’t offer it. I’m learning a lot from him!

I can’t do basic mental math in my head anymore. My brain feels numb from all the meds and psychosis over the years.

The good.

The bad

My cognition has definitely suffered. My memory is not good, and my critical thinking has also been affected. Has had an impact on my ability to work. Makes me very depressed.

my memory sucks these days but it doesn’t bother me much anymore… i just try to enjoy every day as it comes and not worry too much about the future and/or the past…

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