Did your anxiety change?

Do things that used to not give you anxiety now give you anxiety post schizophrenia? On top of that I just have a sensation of anxiety from when i wake until the early afternoon. Does this warrent an anxiety medication or do i need to find other ways around it? My doc has started me on low dose ketamine treatment for my anxiety should that do it? The first treatment was successful for about two weeks every treatment since hasnt even worked i get nothing from it. He just okayed me raising my dose i think im gonna try it on wednesday i cried alot today not a good day to try it.

yes, mine is triggered by lots of things and i try to keep it to a minimum but its always something i need to contend with,
stress, food, worry, fear, excitement, exercise, are just some of the things that cause it for me, i never use to get it like this. never heard of Ketamine being used for anxiety before.

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It worked well the first treatment, i was excited about it. Every treatment since hasnt created any result its like i didnt take anything

Tell your dr that. You need a different treatment


Ketamine is a new drug for use with mental patients. I’m not really sure of the use of it for anxiety and sounds pretty experimental to me. From what I’ve heard about it I’d be concerned taking it but hey. I’m just a dude on the internet. Still. From my understanding it seems good for intractable depression and never heard of it for anxiety.