Did you take your meds today?

I just took my a.m. meds. It is now 9 am. I take meds morning, evening, and night time.

Do you regularly check your blood sugar? I would do that if I were you to confirm my suspicions, and then if my blood sugar was consistently running low, I would report it to my doctor.

And I wouldn’t go off my blood pressure meds either if I were you. Some very bad things can happen to you if you do that without your doctor’s approval.

I’m worried about you. Take care.

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Yep! I took my meds 2 hours ago.

I’m doing fine. I see the doctor tomorrow.

I shall take my medication tonight!

Have you ever tried dividing the Risperdal dose into AM and PM doses?
I take 4mg of Risperdal but divide my doses 2mg twice a day.

Dividing your doses might help your negative symptoms.

I don’t know but it’s worth asking your doctor.

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I took my medication last night and just took it again right now.

Took it last night and 1 pill this morning. Doing well on it although always pretty med compliant. I still have a prn for afternoons

I took my meds last night

Morning and evening every day

Every night I or I fall for the delusions

I took mine already.

I take supplements in the morning after breakfast and then take antipsychotics after supper. I use an alarm on my phone to remind me to take meds.