Did you see the guy-cat that meows in the court?

It happened in Argentina, i think.
I also meow. Will i become a cat?


Now that is ridiculous, and hilarious! :rofl:

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I doubt it
You could become
A furry
If it’s your thing

I meow and bark and hiss.
All these in periods of pure madness

For what reasons?

I don’t know. It’s just release of anxiety and pressure

Makes sense
Does it make you feel better
How do you feel
Engaging in that behavior?

Makes me feel stupid.
I do a lot of strange things
that have no explanation.

Now that I think of it
I do make noises
A purring sound
Pigeon sounds
Never thought of that
It is related to anxiety
And self soothe

So you make sounds too.
You hadn’t noticed until now?

Not the connection
To why I do
Thought it was
Just one of
My weird things
I learned something

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