Did you or have you any true friends?

No I don’t have any friends. At an old job I thought I had a couple of really good friends but they ended up stabbing me in the bad something horrible.
I wish I had someone to talk to.

Just my mum is my only true friend. I’m too anxious to make friends.

I have a few friends back home. Where I am now I don’t really know anyone. Just my family

Just my two cousins now but they’re awfully busy

No, I don’t. 15


Friends. Friendship. True Friendly Bonds. A Smile. A Hello. A Handshake. A Hug.

A Promise.

It’s True, Sometimes Hearts Get Broken. Sometimes They Mend. And Sometimes You Have to Jus Walk Away. It isn’t Giving up. It’s Respecting The True Nature of The Child in Your Heart. Sometimes in Order to Accept Recovery in Complete Form, You Have to Say Goodbye.

But!, Thus Thread isn’t Meant For What’s Been Lost!.

It’s For, What Can Never Be Replaced. A True Friend Sees You, For Who You Really Are. And No Matter The Cost, They Stand With You, Through The Good, And Bad Times.

I Once Had a Friend. And Her Name is Lacy (Pup)!.

To Make a Beautifully Complicated, Tough, Strange, And Fun!, Story Short, She Smiled at First Sight. I Swiped Her up. Took Her Home. Made Her a Bed. And She Rested.

We Stood Side By Side Through The Worst Storms Imaginable, And Kept Each Other’s Faith Strong. Even if, it Was Only Between us, We Knew We Would Make it Through.

She Feared Nothing. And I Kept Strong.

She Now Rests in The Skies. And I Hold Our Memories Tightly.

For, We Will See Each Other Again. And I Will Swipe Her up Again. And She Will Direct Me to Our Home Thus Time.

Life is More Than Jus a One Pass Through Event. And What We Gather Here, on Thus Beautiful Earth. Within The Sphere of True Friendship. Will Reflect in Our Endless Dreams.

Never Give up.


Nosferatu Bat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
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i finally have friends again. it was mostly me – i had pushed everyone away.

i reach out to people much more now and find it helps greatly.

hugs to y’all, judy

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