Did you miss the forums

ah the site was down for about 24 hours

Hey pedroooo, how are you today?

grand @Minnii, was the forums working today for you? i couldnt log on the past 24 hours

Nah, it was down for everybody.

We survived. :sweat:

i did miss the forums here

yes we are true surviviers

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I had time to do some extra walking.
The site was down for a while

i walked in the rain today, with my dog for a hour

i had a rain coat

Thats cool - I sometimes like the rain

I was visiting my family in another town and my cousin freaked me out.
She thinks that God enlightened her to find a cure for diabetes.
She is 20 yrs old.

plenty of rainy days here in ireland

Sounds like psychosis.

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I think you were the last person to post before it crashed. What did you do?!?!?!

I don’t know. Otherwise she seems normal.
Ideas of reference straight forward.

I walked a lot - Also walked my dog into town etc…

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Yeah sounds like some psychosis

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sundays seem different to me

It’s so sad. Because I can see that something is coming, and her mother is in denial…

Sorry for derailing your thread Pedro.

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