Did you love your Ex

did you love your Ex


I dont have a X i dont have a Y… i dont even love myself… haha…!! Thanks…!!


can’t love others if i can’t love myself!
so no i didn’t love my ex as much as i thought to believe.
just loved him enough to say that i want to learn how to love him 100%
feel me?


I think I loved him at one point.
I deeply cared for him at least. What I thought was love eventually morphed into an unhealthy co-dependency, and once I was no longer dependent on him, I felt guilt and dislike for him more than anything else.

I stopped feeling like it was love around the time he admitted to having told me a big lie and kept me from meeting his family for two years because he wanted to be sure he could have me.
Also, as soon as he struck me and told me it was my fault, all my respect for him vanished.

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