Did you lose so-called friends

I lost a lot but made new ones. My childhood friend visited me on Christmas, we may hangout again soon.

My friends now besides family are my mental health care providers. I’ve known them for a long time now. They are kind.

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Hi @77nick77 i was in friendship for 15 years and both their age is above 30

Friends are overrated. Friends don’t need me.

Hey don’t say that. Friendship is awesome just difficult to find in this world.

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Yes I lost or removed myself from all of my friendships. I have one friendship but it’s hanging on a thread.

I have no confidence to be a friend mostly. Though that one friend I have I can sort of relate to them so we still meet.

I lost all my so called friends whenever I quit dope.

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I lost all my so called friends

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No, I was able to accomplish that feat before I became schizophrenic.

I have friends but i am not happy

I had a few so called friends in college. Then 1 friend after I got sick. I guess I prefer it that way. Now I have zero friends and feel better.

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