Did you learn anything from the content of your voices

I did… and, for the record, I respect you VERY much. I’m 47, and I took Spanish in high school. Loooonnnggg time ago…


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My voice tells me to be good, because the better you are, the happier you are. But it says not really in a religious way of being good. but more of a modern view. It also tells me there is an afterlife and maybe even a God. It says it’s my subconscious mind and that everyone has one but it is just ill. You only have one subconscious mind, if you are hearing more than one voice it is all coming from the same place.


In what way was your subconscious mind ill?

No worries if it is personal.
I think my voice was trying to tell me I need to work harder at being more confident :(( which is so difficult for me.

Absolutely no good came from my sz. It was an awful experience.

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My mind thinks about some of the crudest, lewdest, sick, stupid, and boring things

It says it can’t stop hallucinating. (talking to me)

@Loke You hear voices in different languages?

That’s a curse but a gift imo :thinking:

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Yes, mine are constantly teaching me and guiding me. They give me advice about everything and teach me a lot about philosophy and spirituality. Lately they want me to do some kind of art for self expression but I have no artistic abilities lol.

For how long have you had the voices for?

With practice you could get better at drawing.

The angels have taught me some things, stories of the ethereal, shown me visions of them, given me fragmented memories of my own past.

Most powerful thing they taught me was how to focus my third eye when I start to planeshift into the below place against my will. It helps me, but it leaves my crown bruised, makes me self conscious because others can see it.


how can they see it?
just curious

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That is pretty cool,

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Oh literally, I see what you mean now. thanks for clarifying

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What is messing with me right now is that it might not be all real, that it’s all in my head, that I’m lying about everything and I’m not sick. Faking it, the angels, the dead, the visions and pain. All maybe just made up for some sick selfish reason.

Voices telling me I’m not sick

I’ve tried some art, this winter I’ll try more types of mediums but I’ve tried paint, pastels, photography so far nothing resonates though. I’ve been hearing voices having visions and extreme experiences since childhood.

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The voices can be liars. Don’t take it all to heart.i know it’s not easy though. Those voices can be a disease that lie to you.
They did the same to me, next time(if), I will ignore it if they repetitively go on about the same mean thing.

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Oh OK if it doesn’t resonate with you then I guess it’s best to not bother anymore. At least you gave it a shot

That’s so lovely they’ve been nice all that time. I think it’s rare

I don’t think I learned anything from the voices themselves but I do feel the mind is more powerful than people give it credit. It can betray you and it can help you. You can forget the worst thing and remember it decades later when you are ready.

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  • My voices (and also inserted thoughts) have told me different things about what I’ve done wrong in my life, some of which I didn’t even remember/realize I did wrong. Now they’re telling they’re not sure if it’s because I was obsessive or because I was stupid, but either way their theory is that it’s an illness of the consciousness/soul, not a mental problem, which is why it can’t be fixed and why I have to be tortured after death.

  • I’ve learned that the process that controls what the voices say might also control my body. The voices probably don’t directly control my body, because sometimes it behaves strangely even without the voices telling what it’s going to do in advance.

  • And I learned that the process that controls the voices may also control my dreams, because the voices could tell in advance what’s going to happen in my dream.

Regarding the last 2 things, there may be 2 different processes, one of which “sees” what the other is doing (in other words how the voices know what’s going to happen), or it may be the same process.

Just because they say you will be tortured after death doesn’t mean it will happen.
If you made some mistakes I think you have a chance now not to make that again if you want