Did you know when you were psychotic? What did it feel like?

It felt a little like being crazy.

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My delusions were pretty bizzare so it was a little easier to dismantle them than if they had been closer to a truth.

The only nagging delusion is ability to receive revolutionary knowledge from voices or guidance from them.

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Can I ask if meds helped with the delusions?

Those ones i resolved without meds (long story). When i have taken meds it was for dealing with hallucinations dampening them down or muting them. I never tried taking meds for delusions.
Overall im quite a rational person these days

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When I got my positives under control and stopped spouting delusional crap to every person I met. You know who wants to know the intricate details of your delusions? No one. Even the totally whacked out, fully delusional users in our community only want to hear just enough to confirm their delusions. Then they’ll talk over you to make sure you get to hear about their delusions in all their glory.


Can I ask if this sounds like a delusion? I’ve lived in my house for seven years but sometimes I feel like I’ve never lived here and my house seems very unfamiliar

A delusion is more instead of feeling like you havnt lived there to “i know this isnt my house”

That would be a delusion (false fixed belief.)


I would say thats more like an irrational thought

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I was severely psychotic and delusional for first two to three years of my illness. I was aware that I had what you call “unusual beliefs”. However I did not even consider to be ill or in any form wrong. I happily interacted with the “voices in my head” and bothered people around me with my odd behaviour and talk.

I only started to suspect that the “voices” were nonsense after they failed in their promises a hundredth time. Only after that I started to read on the topic via the Web. I found out that I am in plenty of company. Previously I stupidly believed that “the voices” and mental illness in general was something extremely rare and immediately obvious.

Large part of the late intervention was due to the fact that my relatives and some “friends” encouraged my psychosis. That is mostly due to issues on their part and superstition.

In short, as with most, I had from zero to limited insight during my psychosis. I believe education and early intervention are the only hope in that case.