Did you know at The Miami Switchboard, they have police officers answering calls?

 At the Switchboard of Miami, which handels a great volume of people, they have officers of the Law who even when asked will not identify themselves as police officers, and may I remind you, anything you say can and will be used agaist you in a court of law!  Makes you think twice about asking for help, doesn't it?  If you do not belive me you can call the C.E.O. of the switchboard, one Mrs. Penrod at 1(305)377-8255.

What’s a switchboard?

What do you “think” a switchboard is?

A main system for handling a lot of different telephone lines.

That may be true Barbie, however, if you ASK an officer to Identify themselves it is against to LAW for them to PRETENED to be just a Switchbord opperater! They must, as I SURE you know Identify themselves as one!

That sounds highly unbelievable. What evidence do you have to support this idea?

Florida Law statute…?

I’m talking about this belief - why do you believe this?

Even if it were true-what’s the big deal?
Why would you call the police if you were afraid to talk to them?
Who do you think would come to help you?

I have a hard time believing the officers would actually have any free time to sit down and take calls.
Most of their time is responding to the ridiculous calls the public makes (trust me I could recite soooo many stupid things I’ve heard),
Then they have to write (paper) reports on the interactions.
This leaves them with very little time to fish for crimes from telephone calls.


I didn’t realize this is what the Miami Switchboard was:

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I was told by a relyable source.

I didn’t know that. It would make sense to be realistic.