Did you have to consciously work at not being a racist?

i’m not a racist guys.

just hear voices. started in the grocery store in a different city.

Hello. I think that the main racists are people who talk about their belonging to any nation. I think it all starts with this

I try to judge people solely on the merits of their character. In the end, that’s all that really matters. Are you fundamentally a decent human being?

As I told my sister a while ago, because of all the high profile attention it’s gotten, when I see a black person on TV now, the first word to cross my mind is the n-word. Not because I want it to, and not because I’m racist in any way. It’s just that such a big deal has been made of it, my mind goes exactly where it’s not supposed to, if that makes sense.

I am extremely disappointed and disturbed

Welcome back!

Nope. It sure don’t.

I am not racist and can’t understand why everyone can be, it gives me a headache.

I’ve actually got two black friends, who I’ve known since grade school. I still play guitar with Andre on a regular basis, great guy.

If I said to you, “Whatever you do don’t think of the word apple”. What’s the first thing that crosses your mind when I mention fruit?

I am not a racist. When I found any racism i opposed it. And my formula is not to force direct against racist but find a suitable thought for it… My method is very effective, and it works.

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My work place is very diverse. At first, it was sort of a culture shock for me, but over time it made me realize we really all are humans.

Maybe an intrusive thought? I know if i get too focused on not thinking something it will eventually become a super automatic thought that is hard to get rid of.


I was a shy kid so I was afraid of everybody. I liked being on my own at home or with my family when we went out. We travelled abroad at least once a year so we met a lot of other types of people and cultures. Most people liked me, I only met a racist once and he looked homeless and drunk.

We all should be working everyday to make sure that we rid ourselves and the planet of racism.

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That is an old, tired, and lame fallacy.

And automatically thinking that word when you see black folk is just wrong.

Anyway, we’ve reached the end of usefulness of this post. I’m not having our PoC members see any more of this.

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