Did you have psychosis from topomax?

Did you have psychosis with topomax? What was your experience with the drug?

I got suicidal when I took it.

I developed bad shakes, and became dangerously underweight.

How much did u weigh when u started taking it? I’m thinking of taking it for weight loss

Were u suicidal before?

I was borderline underweight when I started it.

No. I started taking it and by the end of the week I was suicidal and had to be monitored as it got out of my system. 2 days later I was back to being happy and content.


I became aggressive and violent.

The shakes were really terrible. I couldn’t hold a glass of water.

Wow! That’s awful

I don’t actually know very many people who found it useful.

People I have known have tried it for weight loss. The one gal I knew took it while studying for the bar exam. She passed the exam!