Did you have avoidant behaviour?

Today i woke up anxious and not glad about my life again…
My sister came to see my mom and i had to leave after 5 minutes. Welcome bad physical sz sensations and company…
I hide and i want to cry out my eyes because of this…
Did you got better on this eventually? I dont understand why my meds dont help anything…

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i avoid things too… i try to see as few people as i can cause it’s hard dealing with people…

I have lots of avoidant behavior.

I avoid stressful situations and loads of social interactions.

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Its typically sz this? Why’s that??? Because of the paranoia you think?
Its not easy to have lived in isolation for 20 years… I cant continue to be like that anymore… My pdoc told me, that i went sick, cause i closed in myself…So now i’ll shout, i’ll cry, i’ll scream, i’ll share to my close people when its bad, maybe this can change…
Its very hard to see all my sz friends have gotten fixed on things like this from their meds, while me, i feel nothing on the zyprexa… Ok, at least i am on my feet, so maybe it helps. But i still have no life… tbh, its seems to me, that i wanted way too many things before, now i aim more simple things, maybe its a progress…

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[sideways glance at bathroom weight scale]



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I’m more than a little avoidant.

I avoid even important social events like birthdays in the family. But this month I have gone to my brothers wife birthday, there was just me there as a guest. I bought wine for her. I could see my little niece and end of march she has her birthday. She will be one year old.

I wasn’t on my sisters and brothers wedding. My sister wants to have not just the official wedding, she wants to go to church this summer. She invited me but for me the day would be too long so I will not go there. And my brother and his wife said that they just wanted and ease on the taxes, and they’re not planning to go to the church.

The most social I get with my family is vacation in poland on christmas. I have other problems like quitting smoking and drinking sugar all the time. My doctor said I will have serious health problem if I can’t quit both, as soon as possible, in the future.


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