Did you have an outburst when...?

Did you have an outburst in the mental hospital? And did they tie you down and inject you?

Yes, and yes, for me. I spent three decades in hospitals and controlled myself until a few years ago. I don’t think I’m going back. I act much better in the free world :earth_americas:.


The hospital is a bit of a blur for me. I remember screaming and shouting but I don’t even know if I actually did or it was a dream.

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I was threatened with forcible injection twice, the first time in a psychiatric hospital and then in a MSHS so I just took the pills they gave me.

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Injected me and then tied me down.

Yes to both, many times.

Yeah, once. It wasn’t a huge outburst, I just got really agitated because I thought I had gotten epilepsy from a blow to the head in high school. I felt like I was going to swallow my tongue and choke to death and the staff doctor wasn’t doing anything about it. I started getting excited and kept repeating, “I’m going to swallow my tongue, I’m going to swallow my tongue”.

So three burly orderlies walked up to me and surrounded me and took me to the isolation room which made me even more agitated. They put me face down on a gurney and put leather cuffs attached to chains, attached to the table around all four of my limbs. They didn’t give me a shot, I think they brought some medication for me to swallow. I don’t know how but I actually managed to get one arm free out of the cuffs but someone came in and put it back in. I think I was there four hours. I remember thinking how cruel and barbaric it seemed to chain people down.

I got out of that psyche ward and into a long term hospital and when I got out 8 months later I was put in a group home and I became stable. 4 years later I relapsed and had to go in the psych wards three or four more times and at one point they strapped me down again. I was pleading with them to let me go but they kept me there for a couple of hours.

I think being strapped down was the worst experience in my entire life. It was horrible.

I was forced injected haldol because I was spitting out my invega pills. They didnt tie me down or anything I wasnt being THAT difficult

I was a quiet mental patient. I watched others freak out and taken away. Well I would talk to certain people but mostly to myself. Never been shot in booty.

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Yes, this was happened to me. 30 years ago.

I never had an outburst but I did break out windows twice and escape. I was a real life escaped mental patient running down the street lol. I got four shots in my butt both times. They eventually sent me to the state hospital where I got better help.