Did you have a good weekend

I had a pretty good weekend.


Was alright. Can’t really complain.


Didn’t do much which works for me. Some family time, a small outing

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Yes it was a pretty good weekend!

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I think I had a good weekend. Time will tell.

On Saturday, I found out that I have A/G nucleotides for rs4702 in my DNA:

I spent a couple of days sort of letting that sink in. Then, today, I called up one of my former supervisors at a place where I formerly worked in person, and he seemed positive about the company hiring me back.

My attempt at working from home to avoid covid wasn’t working out very well. If an A / G makeup at rs4702 helps to protect me, as I think it will, I believe I had a good weekend.


Good luck with work!


Yes, i had a few laughs.

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For me, everyday is pretty much the same. Me and my GF just hang out everyday. But I suppose I had a good weekend lol.

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