Did you had moments where you couldn't move?

i struggled for years till they put me on a combination of risperdal consta 50mg and 200mg clozapine per day and 50mg sertraline and that helped a lot… things improved then but it took me years to get on that combo

Pretty sure there is maybe not much on this forum because some are homeless or in permanent mental hospital.

I see. Its nice, that you feel better now :slight_smile: Me, if i had to take a med for every one of my symptoms, i would be crazier with bunch of side effects. If i work on my negatives, my paranoia gets worse. If i work on my paranoia, i get my negatives… But my head feel less in pain today, maybe it’ll work with time. I pay efforts now tbh, thats all. But its a lonely fight to cant rely a lot on the meds for my case… I guess my zyprexa is helping though, but ill need time yeap.

it’s good that you are patient… must take a lot to try that many APs for that many years and still not feel a lot of changes and then stay patient still =O

Yeap, i had my demons with it… I am feeling sick since kid tbh and when i had 25 years and landed in psychiatry, i thought they would help… But they didnt help much… Now, i am just chasing my demons, that even this didnt help much so i get sad to be bitter or mean or something like this :cry: But as i said, maybe i have a borderline now too, because of those demons? :confused:

Yeah, thats the truth… My pdoc was saying, that i am severe too… I guess, meds cant fix all lol…

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