Did you guys hear about yellowstone?

The ground where the super volcano is has risen and/or bulged up about ten inches.

I think it was about ten inches anyway.

It was a significant bulge/rise though.

Look it up if you haven’t heard already, keep tabs if you can.

Myself, i couldn’t do anything about it anyway, thats how people like me will die in the apocalypse, it’s not that we were unable to have done anything or wouldn’t have done anything it’s just that we got ■■■■■■ over to much and just couldn’t afford it really.

I would have been more than prepared at this point for so many things but i just got ■■■■■■, life held me down and ■■■■■■ me, ■■■■■■ me right in the brain actually.

Sorry for the language.

Don’t they think it might have been a super volcano that threw the earth off kilter?

i love the enormity of nature, mother nature always wins eventually…haha humans !?!.
take care

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Nothing to worry about… only a 1.4 inch increase (and that happens frequently and its not a big dealt):

Read this:

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“it’s a doomsday prepper’s wet dream.”

i don’t know why that made me laugh so much


I’m kinda surprised the Yellowstone hotspot hasn’t been relocated. Apparently volcanic hotspots always stay in the same place, but the earth’s crust moves over it. That makes it seem like it moves (That’s why Hawaii is a thin string of islands.)

Since Yellowstone supposedly erupted hundreds of thousands of years ago as a supervolcano, the magma hotspot shouldn’t be under the caldara anymore. But I guess there have been 3 major eruptions in the past couple million years from the same caldara, so I don’t know. At this rate (of 600k to 800k years between eruptions) we are due for another between now and 200k years from now.

Also to note, the earth should be slightly cooler than it was 2 million years ago, so that’s less energy for the magma to use for the eruption (theoretically).