Did you grow up with a smoker?

I grew up with my mom and biological father smoking my mom quit smoking after I grow up… I now smoke CBD cigarettes 0 nicotine non addictive and 100% legal and helps me

Also I don’t think it affected my mental illness

I think it’s a matter of degree. If you were exposed to cigarette smoke every day since you were born, especially with more than one smoker, you would most likely be at risk of something developing later.

It’s the people that catch a whiff of cigarette smoke, and they act as if you have personally set out to spoil their day. They rant about secondhand smoke, when really they’re just snobs. A whiff of tobacco is not going to give you cancer.

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Yes. My dad smoked still does. I smelled like tobacco in my clothes. It was gross. Going to school.


It triggers nausea and makes me want to chuck. We had a smoker in our branch and everyone fought for offices away from hers because of the stank.

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Same here my dad smoked 20 a day in the house and we used to reak of smoke. It was so embarrassing and I used to get teased because of it


I’m the only smoker in my family. My parents never smoked or drank. My brother does have a rare cigarette.

i grew up smoking

My dad smokes. I smoke. My mom doesn’t smoke but has a cough from the smoke in the house. I hate smoking

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My dad used to smoke 80 a day. Certainley aggravated my mothers Asthma. I ve smoked for 25 years, but been vaping for the past 2 odd years, with the odd rollup.

It is a filthy habit. It wrecks your gaming pc too, some shops wont work on a customers pc if they smoke, cos the gunk is disgusting in em.

What makes me laugh is someone that i know, complains that they have COPD, yet will always have a cig in their gob.

I picked it up from my sister. She managed to switch to vaping, while Im still smoking for long time.