Did you get the idea that life doesn't have any value?

Because I’m sure I did. It’s a lost feeling.

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I feel like my purpose in life is to be dog food. It’s the idea that I’m not all here or I’d think more of myself.

“I am by nature a person who has the fundamental feeling that existence is extremely odd. Other people apparently think that existence is quite even–that is to say, ordinary–and not to be questioned, but I have always had in the bottom of my heart the sense that it is very strange indeed that I am here at all. The feeling of “I” gives me what I can only describe as a funny feeling, and I do not take it for granted. This feeling is not something that I can just toss off, and then go on with my everyday business–and yet the curious paradox of this is that, at the same time, I do not take it seriously. On one hand I have the feeling that to be alive, to participate in this universe, is so wonderful I simply don’t know what to say about it, but on the other I can’t identify myself with any of the parts or the social roles that people play”

And he goes on. I just read this in a book 10 minutes ago. It’s exactly how I feel.

I can get down on myself, but not like you. There are things about myself I really hate, but I don’t think my life is worthless. Every life has some form of value, if it’s only to say “hi” cheerfully to someone.

sometimes I wish I wasn’t alive, but reading this made me more thankful to be alive that someone can relate to me in every other sense and still be thankful for life

Who wrote your quote and in what book?

Alan Watts

Still the mind: An Introduction to Meditation

I’d highly recommend it for anyone with SZ or anyone period.

when you tell a child lifes not fair it breaks their spirit.