Did you get any injury while you on medication?(poll)

  • Yes i had injury
  • no i haven t

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İf you get any injury do you think its related to you your medication

  • Yes i think medication made me more vulnerable to accidents
  • No its nıt related to my medication

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Physical injury?

Yes 15 characters

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I have never been hurt by medication, but I have come very close. One of them made me faint and just collapse on the floor but I avoided injury. Another caused me to get into a car accident because I was so sedated and woozy. Luckily it was a minor accident and both of us were unharmed.

Absolutely some meds can make you vulnerable to accident or injury. My current meds don’t though as they don’t give me any side effects.

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When I was on a high dose of seroquel I kept falling. I broke my ankle.

Just a scar. From running around too fast when I first started a med. It was med related. I really would rather not say how though… :wink: Fine it was causing incontinence…

Yes while on seroquel I fainted a few times… the last I was on it I fainted and fractured my jaw…

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I almost fell asleep driving when I first started the meds as no one warned me. Parked in a parking lot and fell asleep for 3 hours at a walmart

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