Did you feel like a clean page after the first psychosis?

Did you feel like you dont know anything anymore during the first psychosis?


Kinda. I was seriously brain damaged, I think. My mind was barely there for a long time after that. It rocked and devastated my world to the core that’s for sure. My first and worst psychotic break is what I am referring to. I was in a state of psychosis for a year or two before the break. It was after that I guess that I felt I didn’t know anything anymore. So drugged up, I was. Over medicated that’s for sure.


I had a wierd feeling…like the whole world was cold…i was cold inside my brain. Then i collapsed into myself…

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I feel like I’m rebuilding my personality from scratch.


I was a child. I thought it was normal.

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I also feel like I’m rebuilding from scratch. But it is not such a bad feeling. I made new friends, found a job, and think I might even have enough energy to study at night! My new life just needs a new car so I can go on some adventures!


I can relate to this. I felt like psychosis was some sort of ego death. And that I had a clean slate to rebuild from. There is a certain coldness though. I remember a quote that brings a little comfort though. It referenced the mind being like moving away from home to a new bigger apartment. You won’t be as comfortable but it’s much more roomy. I guess it sort of relates to how I interpreted the world. The seasons used to have feelings. Now it’s all equal.

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