Did you ever worrry about theives in the night?

It makes people lose sleep.


I worry about people hacking me and I think I see signs that a computer or phone I’m using is slowing down.
Just have to fight that, even if it’s true.

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I hear sounds in the night and think my parents are getting stabbed or beaten or tied up and beaten.

I just throw the noises off now they make me worried ffs

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No, because it is me who is the thief.

Should I worry about you bothering me at night?

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My biggest fear is being woken up by a thief. The element of surprise scares me.

I’m too old to like surprises…

I’m actually a lousy thief. I always call first before I come to rob you to see if it’s a good time for you and then knock on the door when I get there.

I’ll thieve you back. I am a thief of love.

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I have to deal with vandals and thieves on a regular basis, at one of my sites you can see them on camera in the middle of the night stealing stuff, it is getting real bad here for that

Gosh, that’s awful. I know retailers have to compensate for thieves in the price of their goods.

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