Did you ever think about ##? Numerology

do you really think there is some sort of relation between dates / numbers / destiny and personality such as numerology?

In my culture this is a very important factor - although not in my family.

But I think the fact that I am born on a 01 day makes me be odd ? what do you think?

I would be odd whether I was born on the 5th, the 6th, Christmas Day or Mars. Some things were just meant to be.

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yeahhh that is how it feels. But I was always crazy since childhood.

I don’t think it matters at all. I believe in Christ but that is as far as I go.

I used to too - until I thought I was him. Now I just

I never believed that I was jesus. I only went as far as thinking I was in the service of lucifer for about a day.

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Yeah, numbers mean a lot to me!



@Jayster do u work or have a job…


I like to keep some things private.



@Jayster u always confuse me…plz be honest…good night…we have morning here 10am…

I think numbers are cool, and I like numbers. A lot of things correspond to numbers, like statistics, but I don’t think they have any special meaning beyond correlates.

bah dude… nah… Psuedo science…


we should have 5 day weeks and 73 week years… that way every year the numbers add up right nah’m saying… no more shifty slidey strange ■■■■ in our schedules… every 5 weeks is month and every 2 months (or 10 weeks) is a mega-month…

see where I’m going with this. We all have 3 day work weeks,… and then a two day weekend,… and we stagger that crap to make a 24 hour society…

but then we can all be happy cause we never work more than three days in a row…

crap like holidays and â– â– â– â–  that can all go bye bye

eat my pi

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C’mon az, you wouldn’t like a yearly commemaration marking when humanity left superstitions and entered logic, science, and reason?

Sounds like a cool holiday.


bah you’re right… I probably would.

sometimes when I’m working on my computer all the letters and numbers seem to fit together into messages sent to me from demons or the devil or something. it’s kind of scary when it happens. I don’t like it.

best not to obsess over pseudoscience just a rabbit hole full of nothing… that being said if your 555 im 666… has no power but what power you place on it… id rather not let the numbers have influence over me… so they don’t its that simple…

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Sometimes but it makes me laugh.

I mean, I’ve done those tests where they tell you your life path and all that but what does it actually achieve? Nothing. All they say too isn’t anything more than you can’t get from a simple personality test.

All the tests and everything I’ve done all say pretty much the same thing in regards to personality/interests. The problem is in getting out of your head and doing what you know you should.

When I was in the hospital last time there was a girl in there with me that was crossing out words in the newspaper and circling other words. Apparently she was decoding it and getting some type of messages from it. I thought it was strange but I felt really bad for her too. She was absolutely caught up in it. The staff just let her do it tho. They didn’t even try to help her.

The only time I get interested in Numbers is when I’m ill, that includes numerology aswell and converting letters into numbers and so on and so forth.

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hahahahaha that was a good one - I did the same once =)