Did you ever rise above your diagnosis and be free

I am free and good 2 go since 2010

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It was a psychotic, irresponsible freedom.


i am talking about myself here

Are you growing as a social human being?

Yep I am, I am more than happy, I self discovered myself

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What are your hobbies?

That will be when I won’t need meds anymore.

I rise above my diagnosis every day.


Right when I feel I’m getting better the cycle repeats itself and my illness gets the best of me again

It doesn’t bother me much anymore even when I am having breakthrough hallucinations. The main thing I struggle with now is finding something useful I want to do in life. But I know that too will come with time. I’m not worried.


I’ve gotten quite skilled at faking being social. It wears me out something fierce.

Most days to be honest. I would say.

It’s a pain to be such a liar about being interested in some people.

I’m interested in earning a living wage. I can compromise on that.

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