Did you ever get an F in school

I got an F in Art History in college and a D in music appreciation 101 and it gets worse a C- In Sex Ed & also Drugs and Alcohol which I thought I knew everything about. I am very lucky that I didn’t flunk out of college.

German is too hard, I took one in university and dropped it after two weeks. Words are too long, its ridiculous lol I took Spanish instead and got a B+.


Yep, three times.
Once in French. I was 16 and would rather sit in the back of the classroom and crack jokes with friends.

And twice in geography. Our teacher was the “sit down, shut up, and view my powerpoint” kind of teacher and I just don’t learn that way.
And when you’re 16, you most likely fail to see the importance of learning why a rock is called the name it has, and how it became that kind of rock, or how it with other rocks have another name.

i should of gotten an F in all my high school math classes. but i went to a self directed high school, so you took the tests when you were ready, you were allowed 3 trys per test, then if you still didnt pass them you did corrections and got 60%. This included midterms and finals.

sooooo I did that for basically gr 9 , 10 and 11 math. failed almost all the tests , some tests i got less than 20% then did corrections to get 60%.

So I gamed the system knowing i could just fail them then get help doing the corrections.

so atleast i was smarter than the school system lolol

you should see if you can make an automatic shower. Like the water auto turns on to a good temperature then the soap automaticaly sprays you down head to toe. then it rinses you and boom shower complete.

like a carwash but for humans lol

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I used to be a skinny nerd that would skip gym unless it involved volleyball. So i would get an F in it every semester until volleyball was back and id come to class then.

I was very much an underachiever. Between 1961-1975, when I was at school there wasn’t the knowledge about 'gifted but learning disabled(USA terminology) /2e that there is now. A lot of schools have an educational psychologist attached nowadays. That wasn’t the case when I was at school.

This is what the public school I went to now has.

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