Did you ever get an F in school

I remember getting a D- in advanced biology. I also had to drop classes in college, because I was flunking out. The classes I had to drop was psychology 101 and Algebra 101.

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Yep, like once.

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I got a D in 12th grade English, and got a F in Fortran computer programming in college.

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When my mental illness took over, I dropped out midway through a semester. My classes were categorized as dropped out failing or dropped out passing. I had some of each.

I never got an F in my life until 11th grade. I flunked Algebra.
Took it again the next year and flunked again. And didn’t really care.

i don’t think that ‘F’ was used as a grade where I went to school. I probably got the equivalent for geometry, and science subjects. The geometry because I was absolutely useless at it.The science subjects because I wasn’t naturally talented at them,and made little effort doing those subjects.

I got an F that we had to fight to get dropped because I was in the Children’s Hospital for a month. The teacher was an ■■■■■■■ anyway, but we got it taken off record. Lowest grade after that was a B-. Even being drunk most of Freshman-Junior year I passed A’s and B’s, and i walked around with a water bottle of vodka all those years, lol. Added Koolaid and teachers couldn’t smell the difference, gotta love public school that gave no ■■■■■■

In high school I did terrible.

But college i only got p which is pass in probability.

Got a pass in diff eqs too but it was review. I already took it and did the min.

If i didn’t drop out, I would have failed 2 math classes maybe 3. Basically my whole schedule. Its irrelevant because that was 11 years ago. Not looking back at all.

I got f s couse the teacher can give what ever grade they want

I got an F in geometry

In my last year at school, my major depression reared its ugly head, and I had to drop a class. I was devastated because I wanted to go to uni and I needed that class to do it. I never really failed, just didn’t complete.

I did get a few yes … didnt do well in school…

I failed statistics in university…

When I redid it I failed again

I had no friends for support at that uni whereas they all had friends

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I failed german in high school. Das war scheise. Our teacher was pretty bad. Half the class got D or less. Anyways I decided to finish it a couple of years later and got a C/D.

My worst grade was F- in my native language test in 7th grade

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I was a C average student until I suffered a traumatic incident when I was ten years old then my grades were nothing but mostly F’s. Had to get put in special education with one on one teaching. Around tenth grade I improved and became an honor student.

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Got a D in science and another D in computer science.

Both were in college.

The D in science was simply due to not taking the class seriously.

The D in computer science was earned… That class was hard as hell-- writing Python and CSS. Woof.

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Tons of them. I was an awful student. I refused to do the work. I refused to go to school. I was awful. My mom kept my report cards from elementary school and they are all full of Fs. I failed the 7th grade because of a teacher’s strike. I didn’t retake the classes. I never took algebra. I tried, I just couldn’t handle it.