Did you ever get a vibe of someone?

did you ever get a vibe of someone?

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What do you mean?

vibes are important. they tell me when my brother and mother is in a good or bad mood.

like if my mom comes home and starts complaining about small things… I get a vibe that she’s not in a good mood.

or if my brother comes home, doesn’t say “hi” (he usually says “hi,”) doesn’t take off his shoes, and slams his bedroom door; then I get a vibe that he’s in a bad mood.

but sometimes my brother’s smiling and laughing when he comes home. and he’s in a good mood there.

I even get vibes through online communication with people.

but I have to be careful with interpreting vibes sometimes, because of my illness.

someone not worth knowing

I frequently see people on the street and instinctively want nothing to do with them. Not sure if it is paranoia or legitamate vibes.


I don’t know about getting vibes from someone, but I’m convinced I gave off some vibe before being put on abilify. But then again, that could have been paranoia too.

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would there vibe change if u got big money???

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no. people will still experience mood changes, regardless of how much money they have. mood changes are natural.

You can let us know when you win big at roulette!


They say that most of our communication is nonverbal - loudness, inflection, body posture and movements. I often get real strong vibes from others.


millions is d aim


Not sure you’re talking about this, but non-verbal communication is, generally speaking, much more accurate in the expression of emotions than verbal communication. This is the reason why people are often misunderstood when only verbal (or written) communication is taking place.


Yeah. Was in an online game actually. Wasn’t any visible signs (or maybe there is but it is subtle/hard to notice) to go on to tell me the guy was peeved with me, but sure enough I got a message afterward to confirm he really didn’t like me. Was completely thrown by it because we we’re on the same team…

Vibes in general seem to be those subtle cues people project with their voice, mannerisms, words, etc.

I mistook an older lady for being mean but I was wrong when I ran into her. She was very sweet.

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I’m the same way @ninjastar

I personally have an empathy problem. So, I don’t feel “Vibes” I feel peoples exact emotions, know what they’re thinking, and really feeling (even if they are saying otherwise). Almost like I become them, while talking to them.
This makes it hard for me to be around people. Also why I like internet conversations. It’s anonymous, and there’s no connection.

@ninjastar I get the same thing, too.

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I get very strong vibes and they guide most of my interactions with people. I call it one of my “superpowers”, that i am tuned into slight nuances and body language more than others. Helps me win alot of money in poker!!


It’s not anonymous and some have a connection.

I never felt a connection to another person, through the internet. Well, not on most occasions, anyways.
And it is at least anonymous to the person’s you are talking to.

i dont get vibes… i’m usually wrong about people’s moods etc…

My emotion are just numb…!!! No vibe at all…!!!

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