Did you ever get a good piece of advice from a song?

I don’t think I did. :grinning:

Edit: Yes I did ! Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind.


when I have delusions of reference songs and tv shows have special meaning for me. I get advices & tips about future.

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Yes, I pay a lot of attention to lyrics.

My latest favourite is a pop song, it is so entertaining.

'you just want attention, you don’t want my heart…
You just hate the thought of me with someone new :grinning:

It is funny.


Sense Field, “Different Times” lyrics:
you came at a crazy time
but you picked a perfect time
you could not come at a better time i know
you’ve chosen a brilliant time
to learn how to be strong
we find strength in ourselves
they wonder
how dare I believe in this world
and how we’re going to live through this sickness
and that there are miraculous moments
to take us through these insane times.
you’ve chosen such beautiful eyes
to see everything.
you’ve chosen such a beautiful life
I know
you’ve earned it and still you wonder
how it is that you are the beloved
and why you’re so extremely important
because you may cry a few times
you may feel sad at times I know
it’s all to learn how to live and to love
it’s all to learn how to trust
there are no
wrong colors"

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Oh yes. I was in a farmacy and there was a song… all we need is a little bit love. It changed my life for the better and alot of other peoples lives too…saved lives.

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The only advice I got during the seventies was to do sex, drugs and rock and roll. I was told that it was all “very good indeed”.

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Yes, the Beatles told me to love her…yeah, yeah, yeah.

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