Did you ever feel like a outcast?

did you ever feel like a outcast?

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I honestly can’t remember when I wasn’t one.


I was nearly killed for being an outcast…Rambo= first blood

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The pressure and burning in my head makes me think negatively, to the point that I feel like it’s turning me into a bad person. I can’t even enjoy going out around people anymore. Feels like being outcast.

I even had a hallucination call me outcast once.

Fun life.

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13 years ago I got stabbed and slit neck for my outcastens

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Wow, hope things are better now.

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WTF!! Who would do that? Try and slice u up for being different.

Hell yeah!

I have always been a outsider.

I did not fit in with any groups or types of people.

Not as a child or adult.

It can be lonely but it’s always been that way.

I listened to Danzig today.
They used to be called something similar to outcast.
Can not remember the name this moment.
I started listening to them as a teenager and am still digging em.

Missfits is what they were called.

I think.

But for me it’s not plural so it would be da misfit without the s.

I’m an outsider. Everyone pities me. But really I pity them because I know what happens next and they don’t. In the long run I’ll be the one at the top

Yes…when I was 8 I suddenly started feeling different from other kids and realized I had to actively try to fit in…then around when my depression started kicking in and I become gloomy and isolated I pretty much became an outcast. Even when I came out of depression, in Highschool I was pretty much varying levels of psychotic the entire time so I was weird and again didn’t really naturally fit in. Even today I find some level of awkwardness in social interaction that I didn’t have initially.


I am also an outcast since I started elementary school. I have always different than the other kids.

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Always. Especially because of having mental illness.

I felt like an outcast for years and years in the gay community in my hometown. I was very depressed then. It wasn’t until I quit frequenting gay establishments here was when my mood started lifting. I don’t know why everyone treated me like a pariah. I think it was MI stigma. In fact, I know it was.

XI had lots of friends in high school. It was an elite high school and most of them have good jobs now. In college I didn’t get invited out a lot. I went to an elite college too but most people I know from there are now just regular people. This sort of killed my dreams and made me more ready to come back and live in Hawaii. I try to pick up friends here and there nowadays but I’m not as pretty as I used to be and am living at the bottom of society, so I feel a little ashamed and crawl back to my “safe place” a lot…