Did you ever feel excluded?

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In school we stayed in a circle and threw one ball to each other. Some kids got excluded and never got the ball. Its the worse emotional hurt to do to someone. We learned in school to deal with that kind of hurt.

I felt so excluded ive become a monk ffs

I am always excluded unless it’s just me and one other person.

It bothers me because I feel sometimes I have something to say, but the other people are taking all the oxygen out of the room and there is no space for me to talk.

When I do say stuff in these situations I accidentally talk over people or be very abrupt.

Not good at gauging conversations in groups at all.


Yes. I got excluded a lot in college, mostly because of a lack of money. I couldn’t go out and get a drink with a group when they decided to go to a bar. Also, my mental illness drove a big wedge between me and the others. For a good while I was a pariah.

Yes I do. I don’t like it but then again I absolutely hate having to try to interact with large groups of people.


It would be hard to find some less popular than me in the 456 years my public school has been in existence. The crap started when i honestly, but naively, stated I knew very little about sex. This was while the other boys in the dorm were boasting . That was the 1st black mark against me… Black marks then followed for being shy sensitive physically awkward, bad at sports, and socially awkward . I was far removed from the typical overly self confident brash kind of boy you find at such a school.

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There was a guy that came to my school in 7th grade and he lost his temper during his speech and asked me which girl I thought was hot ---- placed me in the spotlight and I told him – then he told the girl to stand up — he called me a ‘turkey butt’ and to leave the gym ---- the entire student body laughed at me

I just think that embarrassing kids of 13 can scar them forever if it’s terrible enough

Oh man, talk about epic embarrassment. I’m sorry you had to go through that but that’s embarrassment on a scale I can’t even imagine.

Hell, I thought it was bad when my freshman year of high school in my first period class I dropped a world globe on the floor and it went rolling across the classroom and everybody just stared at me.

I’ve been dealing with exclusion damn near my whole life. It’s because I intimidate people just by the way I am. I have a strong presence and have been called an Alpha male by women but when it comes to making friends and being part of a group I just never had any luck. I’m usually friendly, outgoing and nice to everybody but a lot of people want to be the center of attention in there group and want the shine.

As I’m getting older I’m becoming more financially successful which gives me even more confidence in myself. Even when I was attending university I would try to study with people or try to form groups but it just never seemed to work out.

A lot of guys get jealous of me as well because I am a good looking guy. I’ve had women hate on me as well but I deal with it. Now I just accept it for what it is.

When I was younger I was often excluded. I was socially awkward and a bit outside the norm, so the other kids shyed away from me, which made my social skills even worse, etc.

I was ostracized and treated like a pariah by the entire lesbian and gay community in my hometown for a whole decade until I just gave up.

Always in sports as a youth except for archery. I could out shoot the rest of the team by a wide margin. I learned self-reliance from it, so not all bad.

Yes when I went to a bad school. I was smarter than all my friends. They had bad grades and sometimes failed unlike me who had 85+% average. I felt that we didn’t match. But shortly after I made smarter friends in church and became closer to those smarter friends. Some Drs, Lawyers, engineer, etc

But then sz hit hard and I lost all my friends. Sucks.

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My teachers recommended my parents to transfer me to a better private school but they didn’t. Anyways after high school, I went to the best college in our city and in our neighboring cities. My friends there were much more compatible with me. There was this friend who’s father did my nose surgery, he skipped 2 grades bcz he was smart. I gave him my notes as he was younger than me. He became an eye surgeon and sings in parties.

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When I was in first grade, I joined Girl Scouts. On my first day the ladies in charge told my mom I wasn’t welcome to join. I was heartbroken

Why? I was in the scout for years but quit when I started college to have more time to study.

@Aziz I came from an abusive home. I was often so scared at home I would pee my pants in fear, but nobody cleaned me up. I smelled of urine and cigarette smoke. Also I was malnourished and as a result my skin was scaly like a lizard.


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