Did you do anything boring today? I did ! 😀


I buy my ecig juice in bulk.

Today I transferred a 1 Litre (2 US pints) bottle of ecig vaping liquid into small 10 x 100ml squeezy bottles.

That’s probably enough vaping liquid to last me 2 months. All ready to go.

Did you do anything boring but borderline productive today?



Uhhhh. I went to work! It’s been pretty busy, so the day has gone by quickly. And I went back on my Zoloft, so I’m doing a lot better mentally. :slight_smile:


yes, but it wasn’t worth the effort to say. it was about the fastest, words jammed out of one mouth talking woman I’ve ever heard.


I had to drive to Baltimore to get my pre-operative bloodwork done. It’s a 3 hour round trip for 20 minutes at the hospital. At least I got to sleep a little later this morning because I took the day off from work.


Sounds intriguing! :thinking:


My truck broke down so wasted the day getting it to the shop :frowning:


Yes, it was an especially boring day.
Went on the phone with my mail order pharmacy, left a voice message with my pdoc and took the garbage out.

Plus I’m in a pissed off mood today.


Nice to see you post on here wave. I hardly ever see you post on say anything. It’s a good tread though


Oh I’m sorry I though this was say anything oops sorry.


I’ll make sure to post on the say anything thread more often.
It’s good to know @jassy22 :smile:


Hmmm. I did lots and lots of boring stuff.

  • I filled out forms, so the local government will send me free help with structuring my life and cleaning my house because i have a psychiatric illness. Hurray for our well-organized welfare state and all the people (me too) paying taxes.
  • I send a bunch of boring mails at work.
  • I tried to find someone to give my old couch and table to. I got a new (second hand & free) one but the old is still fine.
  • I bought a new phone. Old nokia. It was 14 euros. :slight_smile:
  • I sorted out the post and bills and cleaned the hallway.
  • I did all the stupid hygiene things - dress up, shower, brush hair, brush teeth.

Such a shitload of boring useful stuff!


Wow you can get somebody to clean your house cause you have a mental illness? My mom would like that.


My whole day was ■■■■■■■ boring. Took 2 naps.

But I did sign up as a contractor for my new job, so that’s a plus. Waiting on the next steps from them.


Well sort of. They come help me clean my house and teach me how to do it and help me bring structure to the household. I have to do things too. It is meant to be used only for a year or so, unless im truly incapable, then they will stay. It is something to be grateful for i think.


I drove my kids to and from exams at school. We are under an extreme weather warning right now so getting the gumption to go out is not easy. I think I’ve got frostbite on my fingers three times since the warning started last week.


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