Did well on the phone today

yeah, i did 2 hrs on the phone and had 5 calls and i filled in 2 action sheets (which means the carer gets more support from our organisation) i felt good helping and it is hard especially when people get emotional but you just have to try and comfort them,

its a shame really everything people have to go through esp closer to old age where someone falls ill and the other has to care for them and they don’t know what to do,

our organisation supports the carers and tries to bring relief to them esp if they are run ragged trying to help whoever they care for and never get any time for themselves, they also help with other things if they need it like respite and things,

i have about 10 clients and one is weekly with others a monthly call and now i may have another weekly call, its good to try and get to know and help the if i can, i try and take their minds off of things bc i think that can really help their mood.

anyway i am doing a bit better every week and i am loving it despite feeling groggy and lethargic this morning but i dragged myself in to the office bc i knew i wouldn’t like it if i missed going, i have people that rely on my phone calls now, i know i am covered if i can’t make it in though :slight_smile:

hope you all are doing good, power to the peeee pooooohhhh lol :fist: resilience, strength, purpose and all the other good things we need to get by, peace out :v:


You’re a real inspiration sometimes daydreamer! Thanks! :sunny:

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