Did we pleasure ourselves sick

As a smoker I wonder if our symptoms are that of a new normal pleasure pain plateau and a stunted mind expressing itself not in monologue but perception? I don’t tend to think in any form and am curious about marijuana comforting and dulling the mind. My paranoid hallucinations and delusions maybe imagination stunted and pushed out due to youthful pleasure seeking. What do you think?

Na I recon cannabis is good for you. Not the smoking though but the vaping eating and drinking is fine.

I kind of get what you’re saying like we “partied” too much and our brains are whacked out and we are being punished for seeking too much pleasure. Yes, our brains are punishing us for that. But my pdoc said, if we get new software a.k.a. medication, good environments and no more drug use we can recover for the most part. And maintain a healthy fruitful life… I am an example of this. :smiley:

Drugs were the solution not the problem for me…just a bad solution. But the doctors never told me I had this lousy brain disease until it was too late!

I am the abnorm for that - I never did any drugs - always afraid they would take control over my mind and I fight people controlling that everyday. The only time I felt pleasure was in a mania phase, but i know that was a bad type pleasure.