Did u ever have a dream of jesus?

did u ever have a dream of jesus?

Yes, once I heard his voice and in another he was there.

  1. I was awake, lying in bed taking a nap and suddenly I was lying on concrete. I could hear the sound of waves. I felt peaceful and kept my eyes closed, curled up. Suddenly I felt a large hand scoop me up, up, up into the clouds. I felt my stomach sink as I rose and now I kept my eyes closed because I was scared of how high I was. I heard the voice of God and Jesus. They were having a small argument. God said I “shouldn’t be here” and wanted to “send me back” whereas Jesus said it wasn’t a big deal and to let me stay. The hand ended up setting me back down and I explored this lovely beach town. The dream ended up going south as I wandered into a bad area and I woke up.

  2. I found myself wandering in a gym with dimmed lighting. It was night outside. I was scared and confused and pacing around the gym. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw Jesus slowly appear, so as not to frighten me further. He was sitting down and repairing a bracelet that had him on it that had broken in real life. When it broke in real life I was scared this meant Jesus or God was mad at me, yet here he was now repairing it gently. Still I became scared and ran to hide under some blankets I found. He finished fixing my bracelet and then came to me and softly touched my forehead over the blanket and then I woke up.

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