Did u choose your doctor by yourself?

idk i wish to go to certain doctor
but my faily want me to go to another doctor
becoz the doctor i wanna go to …they think he give me medications that coz serious side effects …
wt should i do ?

If he’s good, don’t change him.
It’s rare to find a good psychiatrist.


How old are you? Are you legally allowed to make your own decisions about your healthcare or do you have a durable power of attorney? If you are allowed to legally make your own decisions, stick with the dr you like

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When I first started experiencing symptoms, I went to the nearest psychiatrist and was pleased with him for about a year, but after that I experienced another episode, and was assigned one through on track NY. Been with him ever since.

I’ve never chosen any of my doctors.

My pdocs were all assigned to me, there were a couple I felt like they didn’t like me or I didn’t get along with. I get along fine with my current pdoc.

When I was a kid my family doc was my mom’s doctor, then he retired and the doctor that took over his practice became my doctor, then he retired and the doctor that took over his practice became my doctor. I get along fine with him too.

I suppose I could choose a doctor if I wanted too, but I am happy for now.

Where I live you’re grateful if you can find any doctor at this point. Our public health system is blowing up and doctors are fleeing my province.

I live in a rural area. There is only one pdoc and one gp.

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No, I just get what the VA gives me. They are usually really good though. :elephant::elephant::elephant:


I have chosen all my doctors and fathers doctors also.

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I’ve selected my pdocs. I’m currently on my third one and she’s the best so far. So I’m happy and staying.

The first psychiatrist was chosen by me,
in random. But i liked her and we were seeing
each other for maybe a year.

The second one was chosen by my father.
He wanted a second opinion.

The third one was chosen by my father.
He wanted a third opinion. Lol.

The fourth, now, was chosen by me
after a suggestion of a friendly family

Not in the NHS I cannot.

At the VA hospitals, your doctors are chosen for you.

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I was referred to my pdoc I believe. I am happy with her but she may be leaving my current clinic soon…so I don’t know if I will have her as a pdoc in a couple months.

With my plan I get to pick who I see, lots of doctors in the area.

I like my current Pdoc, haven’t met my new GP, and my new therapist seems nice.

There is only one pdoc here. And she’s actually a pnurse. A nurse practitioner who specializes in psychiatric telemeds.

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