Did the moon landing really happen?

Well there are many theories to it on the net.

My only question is this… If the moon landing really happen in the 1960’s then why is it that no human being has gone to the moon since then? The technology has increased leaps and bounds so if it was possible then then why not now?


Every single scrap of “moon landing hoax” has been thoroughly debunked by the best in the business. Ultimately, what you’re suggesting is that they spent more time and money on a hoax than it would have cost to actually go to the moon.

Get real.


It’s probably best to avoid conspiracy theories if you have schizophrenia and concentrate on the day by day stuff. It’s probably not healthy. Just my opinion.


It wasn’t practical to send someone on the moon again. Mars is more attractive anyhow, there’s some remote chance it can be terraformed!


Sorry I did not understand you … Are you saying that moon landing is real… If so then we could know more by even more advanced technology if we go to the moon in this decade … But nothing of that sort has happened … Why has no moon landing or for that matter even mars landing happened since.

Its been 50 years …

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If the moon landings were fake, how did our stuff get up there? We can bounce lasers off of the retro-reflectors and we can take pictures of the lunar landers.


This is not about aliens and government conspiracies and stuff… Its a genuine question.

If moon landing was possible 50 years ago surely it should be much more easier now to go there

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It’s also much harder to reach than the moon, but if we could colonize Mars it would be much easier to launch rockets from Mars than from earth because Mars has so much less gravity.


How do you know that the lasers and retro reflectors are really on moon.

It would be much more easier to understand moon if a human being brings data from the moon like soil or some of its gases… Such a thing did not happen.

That’s why it sounds fake

Spending di much on the moon project and returning back without its soil … Don’t you guys think it’s staged.

If billions were spent then surely bringing its soil would be an important part of the plan

It’s very interesting. I don’t think it was staged based on nothing really.

Well, for a while, NASA did leave a signal source there because, while they were there, they sent back signals.

The Russians received them. If they hadn’t, there would have been hell to pay.

Also, we can receive signals from Mars which is much further away. But maybe you think those are faked as well.


All i am saying is … The data of moon is it physically present with nasa. NO.


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I am not saying that projects undertaken by nasa or ISRO … Or any other space agency are fake.

We sent up satellites . True I agree.
We sent objects on mars and other asteroids (recently from Europe) I agree to that too.

My question is getting data from those places is of paramount importance … For analysis so if a human being went to the moon … Why did he not bring any data back???

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Would you guys agree to this that if we had the soil of moon or mars or gases of Saturn or jupiter … We would better understand our solar system … If a man landed on moon why the hell did he not bring anything back?

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The moonrocks were little creatures if you’ve seen Apollo 18.

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Can you please elaborate on this?

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Thanks for this @TheBest

I am not basing my questions on any movie. Hollywood loves drama and suspense… this thread is not about that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Other manned missions have gone to the moon:


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