Did the meds stop you from talking to yourself?

I used to talk to myself hours per day, but ever since the meds I don’t. A couple days ago I talked to myself and then continued on "don’t talk to yourself, you haven’t done that since starting meds"
Made me think.

Actually, yes. I used to talk to myself a lot, now I don’t. I don’t miss it though, reminds me of my crazy days.

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I never talk to myself.

Oh SHUT up! No, YOU shut up!!!

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I never talked to myself a whole lot but I used to repeat phrases over and over. I think it was some sort of anxiety related thing. I don’t do it anymore, not since regularly taking my meds.

Ugghh, I talk to myself all the time. Going on meds didn’t help with it. I can’t seem to shut up.

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I didn’t talk to myself until after I started taking meds, but I only say one phrase, “I hate you”. I mean it towards myself but I really need to get out of the habit of saying that.

I talk to myself therapeutically.

I just let my thoughts go out in words and it often reaches a eureka moment called “catharsis” in psychology. I did it this morning while in withdrawal and it helped me pass the time and get my ducks in a row.

I talk to myself morning and night when my symptoms flare up. Most of what I say is just explaining everything away like a mad scientist, a decent scientist who is also mad. Most of what I say to myself is fact.

I often explain to myself why I do what I do and how and why I am where I am in life.

I like to say that it’s like taking the lid off a steaming kettle. It’s still boiling, but it’s not gonna blow up or screech.

i used to talk to myself… i even screamed at myself/the voices. the voices would accuse me of doing things and i’d shout back. the meds helped alot (risperidone).

Whenever I get horrible intrusive thoughts I end up cursing at myself with the most extreme vulgarities. Like real bad. I have a habit of doing this in public because I can’t stop it. Is embarrassing.

I also have a tendency to say things like “■■■■ you” and “I hate you” and “shoot yourself” to myself (and no, I’m in no danger of actually shooting myself). Happens most often when I’m experiencing intense intrusive thoughts or feeling fake. This might be bad to say, but it’s kind of relieving to learn that other people experience this - my doctor had no idea what I was talking about, thought I was either hallucinating or had a verbal tic like in tourettes.

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Funny you mention a verbal tic - it is kinda like that but different at the same time. Haven’t mentioned this to my doc cos I am sure he will think I am hallucinating (like you said).

But for me it is an automatic response to the bad/intrusive thoughts.

I talk to myself all the time. I get embarrassed when people see me do it. I just started my meds last month, so I don’t know if it will stop that or not.

I still talk to myself. As long as I don’t answer myself

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I talk to myself. Makes it easier to think and remember things. I often talk to myself when I’m under stress. Stress makes me forget stuff I’m supposed to do.