Did the dr lower your meds to reduce side effects?

Did the dr lower your medication to reduce side effects? If so, how long did it take before your side effect(s) went away? It’s been three weeks since my dr. lowered my dose and I think/hope two side effects were alleviated. Really wish it were more. Btw, more side effects would be alleviated if I dropped my morning dose, but I can’t because I’ll start having symptoms.

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I noticed the side effects of higher dose went away after about 1 week on the lower dose but keep in mind everyone is different.

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The dr lowered my meds multiple times but the side effects were the same


No, he completely denied I had bad and dangerous side effects when he raised my dosis “just to be more sure” and said APs are fully safe and with barely any side effects, which I say is nonsense. So then I myself lowered meds and side effects slowly went away over a week. I dont have psychosis now. Earlier side effects lasted longer.

I think it varies per person and side effect and type of med how soon they go away. I think after three weeks improvement is still possible, but I don’t know. What kind of issues did you have with them?

Here are my side effects. I think two of them have gotten better with the lowered dose. One for sure.

Go to sleep an hour and a half after taking medicine

Take with food

Sexual side effects

Can’t take naps

Can’t sleep in

Restlessness - constantly doing something

Don’t laugh

No appetite

Vision got worse

Stopped periods

Bad dreams

Don’t smile

Bored all of the time

Can’t read a book