Did sz stop your life growth?

It’s really awful and I’m sure if CBD had been approved, you could have gone to Medical school.

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Yes it stopped mine. Plus i had prodromal Symptoms years before i was diagnosed so all my life has been a struggle with this illness. Im disabled because of schizophrenia

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Me too I had these.

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CBD just made me sleepy.

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It stoped my growth. I went to university and had great plans for my life, but psychosis ended all of that. I was very sick and got violent. It was like a war that I went threw. Now I’m stable, but I can’t achieve anything. The worst part is that I have this pride that won’t let me accept that I’m sick. I see people around me thrive and grow and make money, but I’m not doing anything. But at the end of the day I have to accept my illness and make the best out of it. I hope you find something that helps your negative symptoms, but I think you have to accept that you are sick.

  1. It takes time to know and realize the condition.
  2. After which there is doubt.
    I all ways follow a quote given by my pdoc.
    “Less knowledge, is the worlds end”
    He was pointing it out when I started to research on this condition. Then I stopped it and believed the pdoc and did my thing.

Yes it took away many years of my growth.

The great thing thats happening now is I just do what interest me and the people who hate me stopped any harm as I cannot remember what they have done even when I had pointed it before.

I do what I like without doubt.

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My life has had many setbacks due to psychosis. From 2004 to 2018 was countless hospital trips and relapses. Main bad patch was between 2013 to 2018

Amisulpride saved what was left of my life.

I am trying to rebuild myself back up. The trouble is my first episode ruined me for two years, then there was a gap of a couple of years where I learnt how to do Landscaping, then I did my degree and had more psychosis, and was unable to do a masters or PHD.

Then for 5 years it took me all that time trying different medications, whilst always refusing Clozapine due to side effects of weight gain that I did not want.

I had my drivers license taken off me 2016-18 and that was a nightmare.

Basically all the setbacks from Schizophrenic episodes I think has probably completely ■■■■■■ up my potential in at least two career paths.

I used to be really intelligent, but now my mind works in a very complex way and I find things difficult with my concentration and other issues.

No way will I share my defects with my doctor, as I am afraid I may lose my license again, and then I will have no job

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It did around the ages on 17 - 21. I was taking way too many drugs though, so was heavily induced in a marble world like glaze of psychosis. I stopped them at around 22.

When I hit about 24 i decided the world can get fuucked and moved ahead at warp speed. I hate SZ and wish i didnt have it but i cant change that, it is what it is. We just got to work twice as hard to keep up in certain areas ! I find people amusing in general, if you listen and observe you will notice the craziest problems people have. I wouldnt want half of the problems i see. Im grateful i have SZ and not be blind deaf and limbo at the same time. Thank you higher force for that whomever you are!

If i ever invented a machine it would be to trade minds with people and see their shiit. I think i would be abit mindfuucked as i entered the brain of David and Alice, ya would find some suprising shiz hiding up in those secret little parts of their closet.

Not saying you moan alot OP but SZ people in general always think nothing is worse than SZ. Keep on your regime of meds or whatever that shiit is and dont fall into a wallowing pit of dispair !



I’m pretty sure you can look at life from the vantage of peoples’ individual brains in the “next place”. Unusual belief.

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