Did SZ make you impulsive?

Did SZ make you impulsive?

  • Yes
  • No

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Lack of thinking causes impulsiveness. Impulsive action is when act without thinking. If have cognitive symptoms then it can affect your ability to think and your actions can become impulsive.

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I have sza, and yes it did. But I didn’t answer the poll because I didn’t want to mess it up if it was for just sz folk only.

Yes SZA is included, srry can’t edit.
Its for anything psychosis related :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m very impulsive. I have tried explaining why I’m that way to family, but they think I’m purposely acting that way for attention.

Okay, I voted 1515

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Same here…15151515

I think it is comfort eating and also cos meds do something to our dopamine so then my body tries to get more dopamine release with impulsive eating.

I don’t know because I’ve had sza almost all my life and don’t remember how I was before it. But I think I am more impulsive during my relapses yes.

I think it did and I’m reasonably certain that as I’ve been treated and as I’ve learned how to handle myself, I’ve gotten better with dealing with it.

That is to say, yes it did, and its something you can learn to manage to a degree.

Impulsivity can be trained away using a ‘Go No-Go task’ training app. The point is to train in the ability to inhibit a choice that is already underway.


In psychology Go/No-go tests are used to measure a participants capacity for sustained attention and response control. For example, a go/no-go test that requires a participant to perform an action given certain stimuli (e.g., press a button – Go ) and inhibit that action under a different set of stimuli (e.g., not press that same button – No-Go ).

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