Did someone say zombies?

zombies , i could be a zombie

i just heard something about it

@ZombieMombie probably has loads to share on the subject.

its a conspiracy but they said something that makes me think we all might end up like zombies

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I know what its like. Its a strange way to live.

I would be one too but the hours suck and the pay is lousy.

I feel like a zombie.
My negatives are awful.

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How long have you been on risperdal? It took me 3 years to not feel like a zombie on invega I have energy now but the meds make me lazy

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Don’t think it’s only the meds making me feel like this.
Could be depression and SZA.

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I only have stuff to say about the actual flesh eating zombies…


has anyone seen the game resident evil? there was a thing about that

i’ve not watched the film


Zombies…, Yesss, ZOMBIES!!!.

They Wander And Feed. Feed And Feed. Feed While They’re Feeding Within The Feed.

T00L Once Whispered About TICK AND LEECHES.

Relating To The Same Zombies We Are Resonating With.

Truth Be Told Manson Of Beautiful Iconic Hollywood Once Said, Marilyn Of Course. . .,

These Zombie Creatures Are ‘Mechanical Animals’. Not Far From…, Say…, A…,


KURT COBAIN Progresses With, IN UTERO…, In Thus Energy Of Infinite Possibilities. . .

Which Circles Back Into T00L… . …

Why Do I Mention These Superhero’s?.

I Don’t Even Know. . .

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!. . . . . . .

P.s. What Is The Answer To The Word ZOMBIE (???).

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