Did Schizophrenia Turn You Into An Ass-Hole?

Or were you always an ass-hole to begin with.

I think so a bit yes.

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Always one to begin with. Just ask my kids. :grimacing:

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It took me years of practice to get it right.

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I’ve done things when I was off my med’s that were beyond assinine. Sometimes I think there should be a reckoning.

I’ll plead the 5th on this one.

A bit, yes I must admit

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I’ve turned into a well rounded individual, I have found faith and a higher calling in life which helps me to deal with things that others find difficult

I was an ass hole, but after I got psychosis I kinda turned things around

I see that about you.

Alright but maybe not get too trusting in to be let down.

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I watched a nice video about John Mellencamp last night :slight_smile:

its a good thing i am a forgiving person then haha


Its made me more arrogant, in the sense some people i know are quick to judge, but would not last 5 minutes with sz.

Short answer: no.
Long answer: sz has tried long and hard to turn me into a violent self-centered blob of meat but so far without success.

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Nah. I was mean to my ex husband cos I hated him cos he basically forced me to marry him and I didn’t love him.

I think, in western world the treatment of schizophrenia by the psychiatrists is more harmful for the patients. Because the psychiatrists want to control the patients more for their countries prosperity, high class society and to avoid damage by schizophrenics.

I was never an ass-hole
If anything I was born extremely sensitive into a cold hard world.


It depends who you ask. If it’s my friends and family, no. If it’s people who jerk me around, I’m a lot more apt to tell it to them straight

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I’m not an arsehole. I am more of a pain in the arse!

I am a difficult person, but have mellowed over the decades. Well, have tried to… :wink:

It wasn’t the sz per se. I have always been this way.

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Nope. I was one before meds.

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Before SzA I was a total prick. I bullied people through all of elementary and middle school up until 8th grade when I suspect my prodromal stage started. Even since going through all of the meds and hospitals I’ve become a much kinder person. I hate how I used to be and I’m glad I’ve evolved as a person