Did prosperity only bring selfishness?

When the civilization of man developed so that his attention to food didn’t have to be 24-7, did he then not give as much attention to being alert, skilled and responsible?

Prosperity, in my mind, inequality, but I’m not sure it brought selfishness.
The wealthy, at times, donate to the ones impoverished.

I don’t think prosperity brought selfishness to all the people who were prosperous.

Different levels of poverty, does mean, when you say you’re more wealthy of others, defining yourself as prosperous, that you could be more selfish than those poorer of you.

However, those poorer may say they are more prosperous of someone who is poorer of the poor.

I agree, selfishness and prosperity are linked because the need to hunt for survival, can be altered.

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There is nothing wrong with a little bit of selfishness, in fact it is necessary to survival. You have to take care of yourself before you can help others.

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