Did my taxes today

Im getting a 300 dollar refund. Yay! Any other Canadians on here done their taxes?


I know nothing lol
My mother is an accountant she does my taxes at her office.

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That sounds good man! I went to a company that does taxes, i didnt actually do them myself. Im not that smart lol @Aziz

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Canucks on disability get the $500 payment automatically now. Don’t have to sign up for anything.

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This is a reversal of roles for me. Usually Americans see Canadians as heavily taxed compared to themself. For me, I get hugely dinged by my disability income, but y’all get a payout for it. Sweet!

Man this economy ain’t going to hold up. National debts are piling up and are basically mathematically unpayable. We are being consumed by usury.

Not a good outlook.

Agreed. But who financially bails out the US or Canada? I know the US’s debt is like 27 trillion. How does anybody fix that? On paper, this country is fiscally doomed.

It leads to globalism. Basically the IMF does it and it’ll be called the great reset.

Going to trick the west into giving up their sovereignty.

And what happens then?

“You will have no assets, no privacy, and you will never have felt better.”

Well, I’d argue privacy is mostly already gone. All that’s really missing is China’s model of their social credit score system.

Not looking forward to that.

The social credit score determines a Chinese citizen’s positive or negative perspective of the Chinese government, China and overall outlook. The social credit score has nothing to do with taxes.

I know that and that’s not what I was talking about regarding it. I was referring to the lack of privacy and facial recognition, etc.

Hey man, I haven’t seen you in forever. $300 ain’t bad.

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Facial recognition is an excellent form of bio-metric that assists in making quick transactions and identifies citizens. Privacy is of no concern.

@John_Raven - Long time no talk dude! I hope you’re doing well.

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I’m running into a bit of an issue that I made a topic about, but before that I was working and doing good mentally.

I’m still waiting on my 1095 form to come. Did you have to use a 1095 form for your taxes?

No. It’s just proof of medical coverage. As of last year’s form 1040, there is only a box you have to tick if you had more than 6 months’ (I think it’s 6) coverage. The IRS doesn’t require it for proof, but it is good to have just in case. I’m not an accountant, just relaying info.