Did my drug use cause my schizophrenia

I just want to get your opinions on this.

I used drugs (weed and a couple lines of cocaine) when I was 19 (I’m 28 now). I then had persecutory delusions a few weeks later.

When I was a toddler, my parents hired a very quiet baby sitter, which led me to becoming a very quiet person (alogia maybe?).

I had a very weird childhood. Looking back I’m self diagnosing myself as having schizoid personality disorder

I also had 2 head injuries when I was growing up.

My question is did the drug use cause my schizophrenia? Or did the drugs speed up the onset of it (I was going to get sz eventually anyways)

My psych believes the latter. But my parents keep on saying the drugs caused it.

What do you guys think?

I started out with weed and cocaine at 16 and have also had a nontreated head injury meaning, “it wasnt severe enough to go to the hospital just for a bump on the ole noggin.” …I bet you its the cocaine.

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If your drug use was that minimal, it was probably NOT a factor

Did your mother ignore / neglect / emotionally abandon you?


Most drug-triggered sz involves regular and substantial (ab)use.

What other realities (that you can see) do they deny?

And finally, the causes of any individual’s sz are almost invariably terrifically complex and different from – though probably similar to – another’s. See…


The simple answer is its impossible to know. Some people are very sensitive predisposed due to pregnancy factors and genetics (e.g. family history or just an unfortunate combination of parents) and the likelihood is that it would have happened anyway, others it wouldn’t but for some significant drug use, head injury, etc.

I wouldn’t worry about it - since its impossible to know. You can’t look into people’s brains to see what would have been if the person hadn’t had XYZ experience or drug use, or head injury…


Thanks for the replies guys.

Weird childhood, meaning having only one friend at a time (sometimes none), no desire to socialize, being a very quiet person, etc. I think that’s part of schizoid personality disorder.

No problem dude, your childhood sounds just like mine.

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This is just me… I believe there is a genetic switch in us… it could be anything from drugs to trauma that turns the switch on.

don’t beat yourself up for the past. Working on getting better for the future.

Good luck… :v:


Yeah; it fits. And schizoid is right next door to avoidant p. d.


How does that sound to you? Does it seem more or less like where you are than schizoid?

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I think I was schizoid when I was a kid since I didn’t have the desire to socialize. Now I realize the importance of socializing but I don’t have the social skills that I should have gotten growing up. So now I believe I’m avoidant.

Your parents are just trying to blame you for your disease so that they are off the hook.
My mom denies anything I say that implies she had something to do with my issues (my childhood wasn’t that good).
Unhealthy defense mechanisms.

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Wouldn’t be the first time. (It’s far from “universal” and should not be stereotyped. But I have seen this way too often.)

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