Did music studies make you spastic?

Did me. That and mother’s strict rules on what I did with my hands.

Are you ok? You’re creating a lot of threads.

Just nervous. The family was upset this morning. After things calm down, I feel compelled to figure out why I got upset and then I tend to post it here. I’m sorry if I alarm anyone. Some of those threads are from yesterday.

I did piano lessons as an extra curricular activity at prep school . Due to probable dyspraxia I was absolutely useless at it. I did it for 5 years and never even passed grade 1.

I’m afraid I became a very nervous and rigid musician because my teacher meant so much to me. I tried so hard I got lost.

I first began music studies at the age of 14. Didn’t make me “spastic”, whatever that means. I resumed music studies at the age of 46. Didn’t affect me then either, except for the good.

II was a young child when I began. Still developing the big muscles and not so good with the little muscles.

I hated all the rules with music. Thats why I started making chiptunes where there are no rules.

…though I still play piano

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