Did Jesus knock on doors and say "May I use your toilet?"

Things being as they were back then.

Doubt anyone let him.
He could part water couldn’t he?

I think that was Moses.

Oh, then he probably had no trouble as long as he said “please”

Well people let him in until it got around that he always missed the bowl. So people stopped letting him inside their homes.
He didn’t care; for a guy, it’s always more fun peeing outdoors anyway.

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In some societies girls know how to pee standing up without getting it on their legs. I’ve never been able to master that lol.

Well, you know what they say, “Practice makes perfect”.

I need a coach. Know any?

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I’m racking my brains. No, I guess I don’t know any. Maybe there’s some kind of support group for that type of thing.

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I was taught by a feminist how to do that by leaning against a tree.


Cool. or a lamp post. lol

Yes. If there was no tree around. It might be a little slippery - not as much friction.

Yeah, they let him in, he probably didn’t even need to ask, they all knew him and wanted to use him for his abilities.

He was surrounded by hundreds and hundreds whereever he went, they all knew when he was coming and had toilets ready to go.

I once baked a crepe that had an image of Jesus’s face on it.

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Yeah, the toilet was the ONLY place he could get privacy and be alone. Is all this sacrilegious?

Didn’t they have holes in the ground back then. He could just sneak around back.

i think he must have soiled himself a few times what with all the things that happened to him :frowning: but they wouldnt talk about that in the bible x

I see everyone skipped the holy sh_t joke.

I didn’t think of that. Awww crap.

They didn’t have toilet paper then. They used a stick and if it was dark one would often grab the shitty end of the stick. Yuckky.