Did I mess up?

I don’t think he needs to hear that.
so you’re all righteous and stuff?

I seem to remember you’ve been scammed before.

No offense, but it points to a lack of common sense or critical thinking.

I can type up a “how to avoid scams” tutorial if you’d like.
I used to work with internet security so I’ve learned a lot of things about it.

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You’re right. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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If you could just go ahead and try to spend one day without being agressive for no reason, that’d be great.

You’re very self righteous

Thanks anyway, but my brother is a computer ace. He can help me.

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YOU are the one being aggressive, don’t give me that B.S.

Look, you see EVERYTHING as aggression provocation, or a personal attack.

I don’t know why the mods aren’t harder on you considering your unapologetically toxic behavior.

Get some therapy and come back when you can act like a decent adult.

@daze knock it off. Crimby did a dumb thing and @Pikasaur is trying to help him. He isn’t going to stop being scammed getting patted on the head and told “it’s ok, don’t worry about learning”

Oh, that’s not going to go on anymore when I’m on. It’s why she hates me.

wow, this thread really turned into against me for no reason.
scams happen all the time,
my mom fell for one, companies do, anyone really.
Crimby, it’ll be alright.

posting your comment to my blog. I bet I get lots of hits on Twitter.

@daze If you post her name and all on your blog you’ll be suspended 6 months again. You’ve been warned and reprimanded for posting people’s info from here anywhere else

I’m not comfortable with that, and I think it’s very immature of you.

And I’m serious, every day you come here and act as agressive as a rabid coyote, picking fights with people for the dumbest things.
Have you considered just being nice?
That maybe the reason you don’t get likes and comments is because you’re being a nasty person on a daily basis?